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We thank you very much for the interest you have shown in ITHET 2012. We have received more than 100 submissions from 36 different countries. The titles and the countries are below.


Title Country
Modeling and Quantitative Evaluation of an InternetVoting System Based on Dependable WebServices Iran
Multimodal Interfaces: Technologies, Standards, Platforms and Frameworks Czech Republic
Exploration on High Education Reformation and Innovation Strategy on the Basis of Information Technology China
The Localization of CS4HS Workshop for Serving National Computing Curriculum Saudi Arabia
Changing Pedagogy for Networked Learning Environments Greece
The Great Eastern Japan Earthquake and e-Learning - Through the Case of School of Human Sciences, Waseda University - Japan
A Collaborative University-Industry Agreement to Establish Computer Aided Engineering Laboratory  US
The reduction of the digital divide by improving the appropriateness of the web content: A conceptual approach with the use of semantic web US
The second-order derivatives of MFCC for improving spoken Arabic digits recognition using Tree Distributions Approximation Model and HMMs Algeria and Saudi Arabia
Changing Pedagogy for Networked Learning Environments New strategies for higher education Greece and Turkey
An Adaptive Conversation System to improve Workplace Learning Italy
Educational Collaborative Virtual Environments: A Development Model based on Software Engineering Portugal
Towards a Mobile Learning Experience Framework Bahrain
Algobase, a system for assessing algorithms Algeria and Saudi Arabia
Structuring online learning discussions using dialogue games and cognitive mapping strategies.  Singapore
Building and Assessing deliverable aligned competence in Software Engineers - A Tool Based Approach India
Curiosity Based Learning – Impact Study in 1st Year Electronics Undergraduates (March 2012) UK and USA
Group-work Based Teaching and Learning Involving Collaboration in 3 Time Zones (3TZ) Australia
A Practical Approach for Redesigning System Engineering Processes  Australia
A Watermarking System for Teaching Intellectual Property Rights: Implementation and Performance Greece
Skill Hierarchy Revised by SEM and Additional Skills Japan
Evaluation of Lecture Using Web-based e-learning and Development of Rapid e-learning System Japan
Blended Learning: A long-term experience Greece
Employ PBL-agents Training Students Critical Thinking Skills at a Virtual Academy Taiwan
A Multimedia Learning System for Selected Topics of Physics. Nigeria and Japan
Cyber Laboratory for Hardware Logic Experiments: A Seamless Integration of Actual Laboratory and Remote Laboratory Japan
Where are the ‘Digital Natives’? An empirical study of German High School students’ attitudes toward internet-based learning. Germany
Multidisciplinary Study of Tutoring  Spain
Evaluation and Assessment tool for mentally Challenged Children India
Evaluating The Impact of Interactivity on the Effectiveness of E-Learning in Saudi Arabia UK and USA
MATLAB Case-Based Reasoning GUI Application for Control Engineering Education Turkey and Germany
A proposition of a scenario model of the pedagogy of integration Morocco
Analysis of a Teaching and Learning Method supported by Open Source Codes and Web Activities Italy
Teaching Computing and Programming Fundamentals via App Inventor for Android US
The Lecture Contents with Index for Self-Study and its System Japan
Self-Study Support System Using The Lecture Contents : Creation of Study Ontology from Syllabuses Japan
Factors Influencing Engineering Students’ Performance and their relationship with the Student Satisfaction with the Teaching/Learning as well as Overall University Experiences Pakistan
Explorations on a Support System for Japanese Language Teaching Materials from the Perspective of Language Transfer China and Japan
A Pedagogical experiment using the Tuning Methodology in Telecommunication’s Engineering Courses Portugal
A Game to Test Pointers: Path Finding Turkey 
Binary Apple Tree: A Game Approach to Tree Traversal Algorithms Turkey 
Learning Games for Children with Intellectual Challenges Qatar
Virtualized Lab Infrastructure On a Budget for Various Computing and Engineering Courses US
Constructing Personal Concept Map Automatically via Correlative Test-Items Structure Taiwan
Development of Coastal Water Body Database on KISSEL Server  Japan and Sri Lanka
Supporting Presentation with Mobile PC in Distance Lecture Japan
The Study of Effectiveness of E-learning compatible with SCORM Standard Comparing with the Traditional teaching method in Teaching chemistry for the High School Students Iran
Integration of ICTs into Pre-service English Teacher Education China
Pre-Service Teachers’ Media Multitasking Behaviors with Smart Devices Korea
On the Requirements for User Interface of Oscilloscopes for Remote Laboratory Applications Turkey
Learning support framework for adult graduate students of information science Japan
Custom activities using Geometry Dynamic Environment Spain
Industry-University Learning Network to create competences for Intelligent and Sustainable Manufacturing: a Case Study Italy
Protei: open source sailing drones for education in oceanic exploration, sensing and conservation France
Manhali, a LMS to analyze learners' behavior Morocco
SIMPEL : An Innovative Web Application Interface Supporting Online Course Management System Japan
From Innovation to Sustainability - Transforming a Specific Lighthouse Elearning Project into a Comprehensive Self-financing Competence Center Switzerland
Can Facebook Group Be Used as Learning Management System?  Taiwan
Adopting Augmented Reality with Learning Styles Taiwan
Teaching Smartphones programming using (Android Java): Pedagogy and Innovation US
User Acceptance towards Augmented Reality Taiwan
International dimension to increase Lifelong Learning possibilities in Europe France
Inspiring Future Young Engineers Through Robot Vacuum Cleaners Competition in Taiwan Taiwan
Adaptation Strategy in the PASCAM System Morocco
RFID Technology used for Luggage Traceability in Airport Systems Romania
RFID System used for Mobile Agents Localization based on WSN Technologies Romania
Using web conference system during the lessons in the Higher Education Hungary
When Do Distributed Student Teams Work? US, Turkey, Panama and UK
Lifelong Learning Competencies Program for Higher Education Students Spain and US
Empirical Results about Efforts for Effective Teaching to y-Generation Freshman Students Turkey
Visual Model for Managing Educational Capacity Utilization in Egyptian Universities Saudi Arabia
Support and Guidance through Open Learning Resources Recommendation for a Personalized Tutoring Morocco
The Impact of YouTube Videos on the Student’s Learning Morocco
Role of the Internet for Risk Management at School Japan
Educational Services in Cloud with IBM Technology Romania
A study of the relationships between distributed leadership style and the academic achievement of students of Tehran schools Iran
Technology applied to the Postgraduate Researcher Journey - Experiences of using the ‘Skillsforge’ system UK
New pedagogical experiment leading to awareness in nanosciences and nanotechnologies for young generations at secondary school France
PhD in Electrical and Information Engineering in Europe: towards a harmonization including LifeLong Learning France
Quality Management for E-Learning Germany and France
The Teaching-Learning Process adopted in the Course of Introduction to Programming Brazil
A Learning Support Environment for Earthquake Disaster with A Simulation of Furniture Falling by Mobile AR Japan
Enhancing Student Involvement in a Class using Real-Time Response System Singapore
A Synergic Approach for Teaching Robotics Fundamentals Romania
Perspectives on Teacher Training: a fundamental transformation of education Portugal
Teaching Multidisciplinary Engineering using Concepts and Technology of WSN Australia
Step-by-Step Mechatronics Programming Learning for Solar Energy Education Japan
Enabling Capacity to Work in Distributed and Multicultural Teams in Technological and Vocational Education and Training Programs Saudi Arabia and Australia
Multimedia Presentations and Interactive Teaching in Architecture Professionals China
Virtual industrial training: joining innovative interfaces with plant modeling Italy
Correcting open-answer questionnaires through a Bayesian-network model of peer-based assessment Italy
Cybernetic Educational Centre Slovakia
TEC Digital: a Case Study of an e-Learning Environment for Higher Education in Costa Rica Costa Rica
New architecture to create educational and adaptive courses from the web in an E-learning platform Algeria
Blitzkreig Education: A strategy for transforming education  US
Cloud Computing: Benefits and Challenges for E-Learning China
Comparison of Traditional over WEB-Based Education - Case Study "Adobe Flash" Turkey
Curriculum design tools: using information modelling for course transformation and mapping UK
SMARTNotes: An annotation tool based on web services to promote collaborative distance learning Morocco
The impact of 3D virtual environments on communication patterns UK
Alignment of learning outcomes and assessment Malaysia
Significant enhancements in feature selection to improve Detecting Network Intrusions Jordan
Learning management systems in IT lessons Germany
Facilitating Teaching and Learning: from the Proprietary to the Open Community UAE


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